Supporting Oxfam

We were of course shocked and disgusted by the actions of a powerful few at Oxfam that were released over recent weeks. We have been and are continuing to be kept informed of developments by Oxfam, who have been transparent and honest to us as their supplier.

We have chosen to continue to support the amazing work of Oxfam and the overwhelming majority of staff and volunteers whose hearts are truly in the right place. Those people who have chosen to spare their precious time to volunteer, donate or are pursuing a career within an organisation which has the care of those less fortunate firmly at the forefront deserve our support!

We are hopeful that Oxfam continue to develop their safeguarding and do everything in their power to prevent such acts happening again. Unfortunately this world has some bad apples and it is certainly not solely attributed to the charity Oxfam. It would be a disaster to stop their fantastic work beating poverty and bringing hope to the lives of so many. At My Paper Tote we continue to be in discussions with Oxfam and the wonderful people we deal with are doing their best to assure us they are putting a stop to any such behaviour in the future.

We will monitor the situation and hope we continue to support such a great cause!


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