My Paper Who?

My Paper Who?

I am Chloe, the founder of My Paper Tote and today I will explain to you who we are! I live in Kent, England with my husband, dog, little girl and soon to arrive son! As well as starting a new brand of paper bags I work part time as a teacher! Some say I am crazy with a new baby on board too but hey it's keeping me on my toes. 

To be honest My Paper Tote started as a bit of a far fetched dream, bags and accessories made from washable  paper that is as durable as leather, pigs can fly right? Well it appears they really do and we are bringing you gorgeous bags that really are made from washable paper. 

So what on earth is My Paper Tote and what makes us different? I will let you in on a little secret, you have all come across our material before and probably have some in your wardrobe already! The label on the back of those branded jeans you own is in fact washable paper, if you are anything like me this is a shock and you probably assumed it was leather. Well this amazing material is what we use and it makes us who we are, My Paper Tote! Made from paper sourced from FSC Certified forests in the USA we create bags that rival leather with environmental awareness during production. With such a versatile material we can bring  you exciting products that you will love. 

I am so pleased that we have had such a wonderful response to My Paper Tote in the first two months since launch and are really excited as to how the brand will grow and reach new customers to share our journey with. It's all a little surreal to be honest but the interest and positivity is wonderful and I hope to share it with you all.

I hope this little snippet has introduced a little bit about who we are and keep your eyes peeled for the next post in which I will share more with you!



Founder of MPT

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