As the founder of My Paper Tote I am excited to share with you a unique collection of bags and accessories made from washable paper and designed in the UK.

We provide you with an amazing material that is a rival to leather in appearance, strength and durability! Using a selection of FSC® Certified paper, our bags and accessories are tear resistant, reusable, washable and beautifully crafted.

It can be hard to choose a bag for every day with so many options out there.  Our go to material is more often than not leather, but our washable paper is the perfect alternative. It rivals the strength and durability of leather without the negatives of the material. It even has a leathered look once washed and used!

We know the importance of buying ethical and sustainable products and so we source our paper from responsibly managed forests. We also plant one tree for every purchase made from The Giving Collection.




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The Beach Edit

Get beach ready this summer with a durable, washable and water resistant My Paper Tote.


How do I wash My Paper Tote products?

All of our bags are washable. We advise handwashing your paper product and letting it dry naturally. With each wash your bag will get softer allowing you to shape your bag almost like clay. Try scrunching up your paper and letting it dry naturally to add texture to your bag. 

Is it strong enough?

Our paper is tear resistant and strong enough to rival leather. It's flexibility and strength allows our bags and accessories to take the strains of daily life.

Why should I choose paper?

Our paper gives you the durability of more  traditional materials whilst remaining conscious of the environment. We are positive that you will fall in love with our products and the material we use. It is lighter than leather but rivals it's strength. 

Where does the paper come from?

My Paper Tote sources our washable paper from the USA. Using paper from forests in Vermont, the process involves adding non harmful synthetic polymor coatings to give water resistant and tear resistant properties. 
My Paper Tote is mindful of production methods in order to create beautiful and exciting products. We do not use Pentachlorophenol, PVC or BPA, and our products are completely safe for the environment and man. The paper has been tested in line with Oeko Tex Standard 100 and is safe for contact with human skin. 

What makes My Paper Tote different?

We are proud to create products from washable paper.  We try our best to give you an affordable alternative to other materials on the market whilst remaining sustainable. We use FSC certified paper and this means we source our paper responsibly.  At My Paper Tote we also give back by planting more trees.

Giving Back

Caring for the world's forests is important to us at My Paper Tote.  Our bags and accessories are made from washable paper sourced from Vermont, USA. 

We use responsibly sourced paper for our products but we want to do more!

We have partnered with the non profit organisation One Tree Planted and pledge to plant one tree for each product sold from the Giving Collection.

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  • Paper

    Our products are made using our durable and strong paper.  This wonderful material rivals leather.

  • Certified

    We are the only washable paper brand to use certified paper from responsibly managed forests. 

  • Washable

    Your paper is washable and water resistant! Hand wash or use a gentle machine cycle. 

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