As the founder of My Paper Tote I am excited to share with you a unique collection of bags and accessories made from washable paper and designed in the UK.

We provide you with an amazing material that is a rival to leather in appearance, strength and durability! Using a selection of FSC® Certified paper, our bags and accessories are tear resistant, reusable, washable and beautifully crafted.

It can be hard to choose a bag for every day with so many options out there.  Our go to material is more often than not leather, but our washable paper is the perfect alternative. It rivals the strength and durability of leather without the negatives of the material. It even has a leathered look once washed and used!

We know the importance of buying ethical and sustainable products and so we source our paper from responsibly managed forests. We also plant one tree for every purchase made from The Giving Collection.




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Buy The Metallic Paper Tote Rose Gold - FSC® Certified

  • Paper

    Our products are made using our durable and strong washable paper.  This wonderful material rivals leather in texture and durability.

  • Certified

    We are the only washable paper brand to use FSC Certified paper from responsibly managed forests. 

  • Washable

    Your paper is washable and water resistant! Hand wash or use a gentle machine cycle to clean or simply to add texture to your paper.

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