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Welcome to the world of washable paper! Here at MPT we create stylish bags and accessories from a durable paper that really can be washed. We use washable paper sourced from environmentally appropriate forests in Vermont that rivals leather in look, feel and durability. Fully vegan friendly our products are created from carefully sourced paper!

Our Metallic paper products truly shine and are beautifully crafted to stand out from the crowd. Enjoy shopping our store and helping to bring paper to life.

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My Paper Who?

My Paper Who?

My Paper Tote started as a bit of a far fetched dream, bags and accessories made from washable paper that are as durable as leather, pigs can fly right? Well it appears they really do and we are bringing you gorgeous bags that really are made from washable paper.

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Thank you so much MPT, I TOTALLY ADORE my new Metallic Paper Tote 😍😍😍! I'm amazed at how strong it is and can't wait to test it out properly.


I was beyond excited when I opened a gorgeous package to find my very own My Paper Tote bag inside but then the excitement grew when I found another smaller bag inside for my little girl ... Mummy & Daughter bags are a dream come true! 


I just can't believe it is actually Paper! It is as strong as any other bag I own and it washes really well! Thanks MPT